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How not to watch a Nuggets game...

Was I just dreaming or did the Nuggets really lose to the Warriors playing without a legitimate point guard and sans Corey Magette and Monta Ellis?

I had two conflicts last night and wasn't able to start watching the Nuggets game until about midnight. I was able to stay awake for the first quarter (during which the Nuggets built up an impressive 18-point lead that they quickly surrendered), but kept falling asleep throughout the rest of the game. I feel like I've turned into my father, who's guaranteed to fall asleep within 15 minutes if he's sitting on the couch and watching a sporting event past 9:00PM.

Regardless of how I watched the game, each time I woke up (and please note, I was in a semi-delirious sleep state) I felt like I kept seeing one of two things: Stephen Jackson drilling jumpers in Carmelo Anthony's face and Melo taking horrific shots, as if he was a rookie again. Note to Melo: the shot clock is 24 seconds long, not 14!

Chauncey Billups can't get here soon enough.