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At least they'll be fun to watch...

You had to love former-now-current-Nugget Chauncey Billups' quote mentioned during the ESPN broadcast of last night's win over the Dallas Mavericks. I don't have the exact line handy, but it went something like: "The Pistons' offensive system is night and day different from the Nuggets' offensive system."

As my brother pointed out, this was just Billups' nice way of saying that the Nuggets have no offensive system. And for those of us who follow the Nuggets regularly and watched last night's affair, we know this to be essentially true.

The Nuggets may have no set offense, but they have athletes. Talented athletes. And therefore, they will always be fun to watch (at least this season).

But while their raw talent may get them over the hump in home games against mediocre teams like the Mavericks, this "offense" isn't going to fly against the better teams in the Western Conference.

But hey, a win is a win. Welcome home, Chauncey!

On a side note, Antonio McDyess got bought out after all and won't be in a Nuggets uniform again. While the Kroenke Cronies deserve credit for making the bold move to part with Allen Iverson and bring in Billups, they should have confirmed that McDyess would come in the deal. Otherwise, the Nuggets certainly could have gotten something else - other than just Billups and "center" Cheikh Samb - out of a Detroit organization clearly anxious to part with Billups' long term salary. AI and his expiring contract should have netted Billups and a backup big man and/or a draft pick.