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Another gutty win...

I have a lot to catch up on after the long Thanksgiving weekend so this will be a short post (sorry!). But I couldn't ask for a better way to cap off the weekend than watching the shorthanded Nuggets beat the shorthanded Rockets in Denver tonight (after watching the Broncos awesome victory over the Jets, too).

Unfortunately, Carmelo Anthony had to leave the game early with an elbow contusion. If you're wondering what that is, check out's explanation of this particular sports injury. According to that site, he could be out 6-10 days. That's not good.

The Nuggets finished November at 12-6 (11-3 in the ACB Era) and they went 3-1 during this recent four game, five day stretch. Right before our eyes, the Nuggets are becoming a tough, gutty team that we can proudly support.

Get well soon, Melo, and let's keep it going in December!