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This might be a good loss...

I knew the Nuggets would lose to the Jazz on opening night. What I didn't expect was a furious 14-point come back late in the second half. There's really no such thing as a "good loss," but the Nuggets can hold their heads high after this one.

The last time the Nuggets played in Salt Lake City, they rolled over and died before halftime. Tonight - in spite of some boneheaded plays and blatant favoritism from the homer refs - the Nuggets, and their coach, put forth a spirited effort that I can only hope is a sign of things to come.

I thought Kenyon Martin looked healthy and strong. J.R. Smith continues to amaze and earn his new contract (and rewarded me for drafting him on my fantasy team). And I really liked the "hustle lineup" of Renaldo Balkman, Chris Andersen, Linas Kleiza and Smith playing together. It was those guys who chopped that lead down so quickly. And had LK not had a toe on the three-point line, this game would have been tied up at 91 all with 40 seconds to go.

So suffice it to say, I'm encouraged.

Note to Kenyon Martin: the only time you get to shoot three-pointers is when there is literally NO time left on the clock. And note to Allen Iverson: with four seconds left in the game and you're down by three do not, under any circumstance, pass it to K-Mart!