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The Denver Stiffs Postseason Preview...

In February, I proposed what I thought was an equitable and forward thinking way to reformat the NBA Playoffs and yet still preserve division rivalries, boost TV ratings and eliminate travel concerns. (To be frank, I concocted this plan last season as a way to get the Nuggets into the playoffs even if they didn't finish in the top eight out West).

I emailed my proposal to everyone under the sun, including NBA Commissioner David Stern and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who was kind enough to email me back with his stamp of approval. But other than Cuban, no one took my plan seriously. Thus, we'll be entering the 2008-09 season with the same playoff format likely to give us fans two sub-.500 Eastern Conference Playoff teams and up to three plus-.500 Western Conference teams that miss the postseason altogether.

So who's in, who's out, and how far will they go?


Playoffs First Round
1) Boston over 8) Miami
2) Detroit over 7) Atlanta
3) Philadelphia over 6) Toronto
4) Cleveland over 5) Orlando

Playoffs Second Round
1) Boston over 4) Cleveland
2) Detroit over 3) Philadelphia

Conference Finals
1) Boston over 2) Detroit


Playoffs First Round
1) LA Lakers over 8) Denver
2) New Orleans over 7) Portland
3) Houston over 6) Phoenix
4) Utah over 5) San Antonio

Playoffs Second Round
1) LA Lakers over 4) Utah
3) Houston over 2) New Orleans

Conference Finals
1) LA Lakers over 3) Houston


LA Lakers over Boston

Coming next, the Denver Stiffs' Nuggets Season Preview...