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Training camp preview...

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When you return to a state where you're already a registered sex offender, do you have to re-register? Or is your original registration good for life? This was the first question that came to mind when I read that Ruben "The Babysitter Raper" Patterson will be back with the Nuggets for training camp today.

Throw in a training camp invite to Smush Parker (that's right, SMUSH @#$%& PARKER) and it's apparent that Kroenke Crony Mark Warkentien's push to make the Nuggets the most undersized, one-dimensional, undisciplined and arrested team with the biggest "trainwreck" upside in the NBA this season is coming into full effect.

Including Patterson and Parker, of the Nuggets 18 training camp attendees eight have either been arrested, suspended by the NBA, yelled at their coach during a game, refused to re-enter a game, fought with teammates, skipped practice, or all of the above. I never thought I'd say this, but Warkentien is out-Warkentiening himself. Now that's playing chess, alright.

According to the other Kroenke Crony, Rex Chapman, it's still "up in the air" if the Nuggets keep more than 13 of the 18 players in training camp on the opening day roster. But let's pretend for a second that the Nuggets add two more players...who would you choose? Our choices are Mateen Cleaves, Nick Fazekas, James Mays, Patterson and Parker.

Note that Elton Brown - an NBDL and Summer League standout - didn't make the training camp roster. What gives?

Regardless of who fills out a potential 15-man roster, these last two players will join Dahntay Jones, Sonny Weems and Stephen Hunter in the "no-impact" department on the Nuggets roster. But with Kenyon Martin and Nene remaining injury prone, and Chucky Atkins out for a few months, you never know who will be called in for duty.

If I had to pick two of these guys, I'd go with Fazekas and Cleaves (and I'd send Parker home yesterday). Fazekas - born and raised in Arvada - would be the end-of-the-bench, big, white Stiff that the Nuggets have sorely missed since the departure of Mark Pope in 2005 and Dan McClintock in 2001. The Nuggets just aren't the same without a big Stiff on the bench, so this should be a shoe-in.

And my second choice would be Cleaves. Not because he's any good (he's not), but because the Nuggets are in short supply of solid citizens and it wouldn't hurt to have someone on the team who's a pass-first player. At least one.

Back to Patterson, with the Nuggets already committing to high energy guys like Renaldo Balkman and Chris Andersen, I see absolutely no need for the chemistry-poisoning, me-first Patterson to rejoin the franchise. Why even risk it?

Have I mentioned yet how excited I am for this season to start?!!