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The housing crisis truly affects us all...

Remember when the Nuggets embarrassingly lost at Philadelphia last season and in the post-game press conference Allen Iverson alluded to possibly coming back to the City of "Brotherly Love" someday? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, A.I. has been trying to sell his home in Villanova, PA for a mere $4 million - 37% off the asking price. And you thought your home in Highlands Ranch or Aurora had lost its value!

After reading about A.I.'s current housing situation, I stumbled upon a few blog posts and articles about his 2007 $2.2 million purchase of an Atlanta home that apparently went awry. Two months after moving his family into the Atlanta house, A.I. sued the home builder for $6.2 million in damages. I don't know what's come of that lawsuit, but do know that A.I. has moved his family into a large house in a nice neighborhood in Denver since last season concluded.

Having gone to college in Atlanta I can assure A.I. that Denver is a much, much better place to live.