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Virtus Bologna gets shorter, more selfish...

Former Nugget Earl Boykins hasn't gotten a lot of run on this blog, so I thought it'd be worth mentioning that he's making some news by signing a $3.5 million deal with Italy's Virtus Bologna. Boykins will go down in history as one of the most fascinating NBA players - and Nuggets - ever. At just 5-foot-5, Boykins could really play. He had guts, was lightning quick and believe it or not, averaged more than 11 points, about 4 assists and a steal per game in his 25 minutes of playing time as a Nugget. And of course, his diminutive size endeared him to the fans (especially my mother who - in sync with all the other women in the stands - could be heard yelling out: "he's so cute!").

But looking beyond the numbers and the marvel that Boykins is as a person and player, watching Boykins play basketball drove me crazy. He was a black hole and a chucker who never met a shot he wouldn't shoot. I'm sure after enduring years and years of people telling him he couldn't play from high school through the NBA, he figured "if I get on the court, I'm shooting." Which was evident by his 11+ field goal attempts per game and 41% shooting, accompanied by a two-to-one assist-to-turnover ratio as a Nugget.

That being said, I wish Boykins all the best in Italy. I'm glad he scored a big contract after his agent misled him / screwed him into opting out of his contract with the Bucks last year.