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A quick glance at the 2008-09 schedule...

As all Nuggets fans probably know by now, the NBA released their schedule today for the 2008-09 season. Until I see the final Nuggets roster, I'm going to hold off on predicting wins and losses for the entire season (this will be part of my NBA Preview, too). But assuming the roster stays as-is for now, here are the games I've already targeted as the most compelling games to watch next season:

Friday, October 31st at LA Clippers
-The Nuggets first contest against Marcus Camby since the Kroenke Cronies unceremoniously dumped him for nothing. Camby will be fired up to embarrass the Nuggets, and given his past injury history, this might be the only guaranteed game to watch Camby face his old teammates.

Saturday, November 1st vs. LA Lakers
-The Nuggets home opener will be against the team that humiliated them in the playoffs last year in the form of a four-game sweep. Moreover, the Lakers devoured the Nuggets in all their regular season games, as well. With the Nuggets opening at Utah, at the Clippers, home against the Lakers and at Golden State, we're looking at a potential 0-4 start.

Friday, November 14th at Boston
-It's always exciting to see how your favorite team does against the defending champs at their gym. The Celtics crushed the Nuggets by 26 in Boston last year, and it wasn't even that close.

Monday, December 22nd vs. Portland
-The Nuggets get their first look at their up and coming division rival, the new look Trailblazers, featuring high profile rookies Greg Oden and Jerryd Bayless. The Nuggets will play at Portland the very next night in this back-to-back encounter.

Sunday, December 28th at New York
-With Isiah Thomas demoted to the team's intern, a matchup against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden won't have the same appeal as it did last year. But nevertheless, it's always fun when the brawl footage comes up over and over again.

Friday, January 2nd at Oklahoma City
-Two days after New Year's Eve, the Nuggets make their first-ever appearance in Oklahoma City against the ex-Sonics.

Wednesday, February 4th at Oklahoma City
-The Nuggets make their second-ever appearance against the Oklahoma City Whatevers in the OKC, which isn't all that significant. What is significant is this game kicks off an eight-game road trip with the All-Star Break wedged in-between.

Wednesday, February 18th at Philadelphia
-With all the emotion leading up to Allen Iverson's return to Philadelphia last season, the Nuggets put up one of their worst defensive efforts of the season. Denver gave up 65 points at halftime to a Sixers team that struggled to score, and lost the game by two. Iverson may not be a Nugget going into this game, but if he is, look for the Nuggets to exact some revenge from last season's embarrassment.

Saturday, March 14 vs. LA Clippers
-Camby's first of two appearances in Denver will probably end up being a pivotal game if the Nuggets are going head-to-head with the Clippers for the 8th and final playoff spot. The two teams meet again in Denver on the 4th of April.

Wednesday, April 15 at Portland
-In theory, the Nuggets will know if they're in or out of the playoffs by the time this game comes up on the schedule. But if the season turns out like 2007-08 in which the Nuggets were fighting for their playoff lives all the way down to the end, this could be a crucial game. Moreover, its likely that the Trailblazers will be one of the teams jockeying with the Nuggets for the right to get swept by the Lakers, Hornets or Rockets.