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This should clear up any confusion over the A.I. / Melo relationship...

Longtime Denver Stiffs reader "goldennugget" posted this YouTube link of Melo, A.I. and DerMarr Johnson partying in yesterday's comments section, and I finally got around to watching it this morning. WARNING: This video has explicit language and probably isn't appropriate at work unless you have headphones on...

We've all acted like morons after a night of partying, so I won't chide the guys too much for this. Also, this video was posted in August 2007, meaning it had to be from the previous season or previous off-season.

If we really want to dissect it, I like that A.I. is lucid enough to know his license is expired and has a driver to get him home (something Melo should consider doing). It's also good to see that Melo and A.I. seem to genuinely like each other, contrary to the rumors we've heard about them being unable to co-exist.

But this video feeds into the image of what we've come to believe about our Nuggets. We've heard that A.I. is kind of like the godfather of partying, and the young guys go wherever he goes on the road. Even if it means being up all night on a Monday (as DerMarr was kind of enough to point out in this video).