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Marcus Camby...LA Clipper?!!...

Just as I'm about to walk out the door for a dinner I can't be late to, I'm getting bombarded from readers with this link from claiming that Marcus Camby has been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers...for a second round pick?!! I just checked out the Rocky Mountain News' site, and according to Nuggets beat writer Chris Tomasson, the deal is done.

We'll discuss this more later tonight, but my initial reaction is a combination of pissed off and bewildered. I mean, why trade one of the best defensive centers in the league for a starting point guard when you can get a meaningless second round pick? You're telling me Marcus Camby isn't worth at least (at least!) a first round pick?!

It looks like the Nuggets are either desperate to shed payroll (what are we, the Florida Marlins now??) or are making another big move shortly. But without knowing about possible deals coming down the pike, this "trade" rivals sending Chauncey Billups to Orlando for Tariq Abdul-Wahad and is will likely make our Denver Stiffs "Worst Trades in Denver Nuggets History" list coming later this summer.

And for those of you who still defend Kenyon Martin on this blog but are likely upset about losing Camby and Eduardo Najera for absolutely nothing, now you know why signing K-Mart will forever poison this version of the Nuggets. Thank you, Kiki.