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Friday links...

I'm heading out of town for the weekend shortly, so the blogging will have to resume on Sunday night. In the meantime, here are some Nuggets-related articles that popped up this week...

The Denver Post's Mark Kiszla continues to advocate for a Marcus Camby trade (something we'll delve into in great detail next week). Like many of the Denver Stiffs readers, I've been calling for a Camby trade since May. But I hope you all keep one thing in mind: the West is HUGE. All the top teams have at least three big guys, if not four. So trading Camby for a point guard and replacing him with a collection of stiffs like Stephen Hunter and/or a David Harrison or a Jelani McCoy isn't going to cut it. Just something to think about.

Eduardo Najera - not surprisingly - is getting interest from several NBA teams, including Kiki Vandeweghe's New Jersey-but-soon-to-be-Brooklyn Nets. What is surprising is that Najera wants to stay with the Nuggets. Why exactly? I guess he'd prefer to be someplace where he's in the minority of players who gives a full effort each night as opposed to a place like San Antonio where all the players bring it nightly. You have to stand out somehow, right?

Carmelo Anthony has boldly stated that it's "time for a change" to improve his life and image. That's awesome, Melo! Does this mean no more late night partying? Extra time in the gym and weight room this summer? An improved diet perhaps? More charity work? Nope. He's hired a new marketing agency to re-brand himself. I mean, why take self-responsibility when someone else can do it for you?

Oh, and Mario Chalmers (whom I foolishly dismissed too easily as a possible draft pick for the Nuggets) has been reportedly tearing it up in the Orlando Summer League thus far. It is just Summer League, but I have a hunch that Chalmers will produce nicely for the Heat.

To recap the week, I agree with the readers of this blog and some of the columnists out there that if the Nuggets do nothing this off-season - especially at the point guard position - we could be in a world of hurt in 2008-09. Portland just got a heck of a lot better this summer through the draft ("Draft? What draft? There was a draft?" said Nuggets' GM Mark Warkentien), Dallas has brought back Sagana Diop making them even bigger up front, and I wouldn't sleep on Golden State with Corey Maggette. Lest we forget that the Warriors won 48 games last season.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.