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What a game!! (one fan's view from the not-so-cheap seats)...

As a life long Denver Nuggets fan, it's highly unlikely that I'm attending an NBA Finals to root for the Nuggets anytime soon. So thanks to my friend Zach from Denver being in LA (where I've been based lately wrapping up an animation project for Fox Sports Net) and forcing me to buy a ticket with him for last night's game, I went to my first ever NBA Finals game...albeit from the upper rafters.

For the first two-and-a-half-quarters, we felt as though we'd been duped for all the money we paid. But then, slowly but surely, our investment in tickets was well worth it as we witnessed the second greatest comeback in NBA Finals history.

Even though I have no dog in this race, I took some satisfaction in this victory because the arrogance with which my Lakers "fan" friends have displayed since the Celtics went up 2-0 has been unbelievable. I can't tell you how many times since Sunday I've heard: "The Celtics got all the calls in Boston, we're still winning this in six." Well, not anymore you're not.

On a side note, what an amazing performance by former Nugget James Posey: 18 points in 25 minutes, including four three-pointers on eight attempts and stop-gap defense down the stretch. Former Nuggets' GM Dan Issel's only good draft pick has made quite the career for himself. Posey already has one championship ring and might soon have another. Congrats, James!