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Ty Lawson officially on Nuggets radar...

I'm going to steal my own joke from last week when I said that Joakim Noah improved his chances of becoming a Nugget by running afoul of law and apply it to Ty "Law"son (no pun intended). In the coming weeks, I'll be delving into possible draft prospects for the Nuggets, but from the initial lists I've seen Lawson - the North Carolina point guard - will be available when the Nuggets draft at 20.

I'm sure it's a total coincidence that on the same day the Nuggets announced that Lawson will come to town for a workout, the undersized guard got himself into a heap of trouble by driving after consuming alcohol, violating a noise ordinance, driving with a suspended license and not being of legal drinking age in the first place (now THAT's what I call hitting for the cycle!). But you just know that Nuggets "GM" Mark Warkentien absolutely loves this kid right now.