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The self-reflective Carmelo Anthony...

Chris Tomasson at the Rocky Mountain News scored a great quote on Carmelo Anthony from USA Basketball managing director and NBA "Godfather" Jerry Colangelo. Colangelo had the balls to state that Melo took a "a half-step back" this season. And we also get Anthony's self-reflective rebuttal, admitting he indeed took a step backward, but only conceding so in regards to what happened "off the court."

Meanwhile, the News' Dave Krieger offers some much needed common sense regarding any potential trade for Anthony.

Like all of you, I'm anxious to see how Melo looks in Beijing. Will he return to the in-shape, terrific teammate, eternally optimistic version of Melo that we've seen the past two summers? Or has he reverted to the flawed, undisciplined, whining Melo of the 2008 playoffs for good?