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[UPDATED] D'OH! Nuggets trade the 20th pick...

ESPN just reported that the Nuggets traded the 20th pick in tomorrow's draft to the Bobcats for a future first round draft choice. I'm assuming they've done this for three reasons:

1) They don't want to add another guaranteed salary with the potential re-signing of J.R. Smith and/or Anthony Carter and/or Eduardo Najera to deal with this summer.
2) None of the players the Nuggets worked out impressed them enough to make a selection.
3) The Nuggets brass is lazy and their scouting apparatus isn't up to snuff (I've been told they may not even have international scouting).

I think this is a mistake. You're telling me that adding a D.J. White or a Mario Chalmers or a Marreese Speights isn't an upgrade over Yakhouba Diawara or Taurean Green?

I'm so glad I spent the time necessary to provide comprehensive draft coverage and make recommendations. Can I have those six hours back please?

[UPDATED] The Rocky Mountain News' Chris Tomasson explains the protections associated with the pick the Nuggets are getting back from Charlotte. Basically, the Nuggets wanted nothing to do with this pick, and thus traded it for cost and roster spot reasons.