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[UPDATED] Jeff Bzdelik candidly discusses Carmelo Anthony...

Former Nuggets coach Jeff Bzdelik - who gets a lot of love here at Denver Stiffs for being the most underrated coach in Nuggets history - was interviewed today by Radio Colorado Network's Dino Costa (aka "The Mile High Mouth").

Listen to Bzdelik's candid take on Melo (MP3 format). In telling a not-so-flattering story about Melo, Bzdelik basically confirms what many of us have suspected: that Carmelo is a decent guy but up until now has only cared about what's best for Carmelo. And for those of us in the anti-trade Carmelo camp, we're hoping - no, praying - that 2008-09 might be the season he starts to change for the betterment of the team.

Many thanks to Dino for scoring this interview and passing it along!

[UPDATED] The Nuggets just announced that they have suspended Anthony for two games for his DUI fiasco. Apparently Mark Warkentien doesn't like it when you get caught drinking and driving.