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[UPDATED] Monday links...

I just got back from a quick three-day break and am finally getting caught up. Here are a few links I thought I'd pass on...

The Rocky Mountain News' Chris Tomasson does a thorough recap of how the New Jersey Nets duped former Nuggets' GM Kiki Vandeweghe into giving the Nets three first round draft picks for Kenyon Martin (and then signing Martin to a max deal...ugh).

And if that doesn't make you depressed about where the Nuggets could be today, check out the Denver Post's Mark Kiszla's summary of the state of the Nuggets offseason.

Also, the Post's Woody Paige takes a harsh stance against his admitted friend, Nuggets head coach George Karl, and calls out what many of us complained about all last season: Karl's evident lack of passion on the bench and refusal to work the refs.

[UPDATED] And this morning, Paige serves up some suggested moves the Nuggets could consider this offseason. If I read this correctly, Paige is recommending:

The Nets just named Kiki Vandeweghe general manager. The former Nuggets general manager knows the team. Make a deal with him. Vandeweghe drafted Anthony third overall. Let Kiki have him again. The Nets are trying to rebuild as they build a new arena. Carmelo Grows in Brooklyn. The Nuggets trade Anthony and Camby and Linas Kleiza for center Nenad Krstic (a sign-and-trade). They then sign unrestricted free-agent small forward Bostjan Nachbar, late of the Nets. Would the Nets want Kenyon Martin back? Too much to hope for. Nevertheless, the Nuggets would be under the cap and able to sign another free agent (Duhon).

I applaud Paige's creativity he serious?! I might (might) be amenable to parting with Carmelo Anthony, but absolutely not in a three-player deal where the Nuggets also jettison Linas Kleiza only to get a mediocre center like Nenad Krstic back. Did I just read that wrong?

When I get to Anthony in my offseason series, I'll explore a Herschel Walker-type trade only. Meaning, if the Nuggets were to trade Anthony, we get multiple players back and I would insist on a shooter, a defender, a point guard and at least one pick.