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Squashing the Melo trade rumors?...

Carmelo Anthony's agent is doing his part to squash the trade rumors. I wouldn't be the least surprised if these rumors were just a concoction of the New York/New Jersey-area sports media (like that's never happened before). Although, it is interesting that we haven't gotten an official word from the Nuggets. Like when Steve Kerr emphatically declared that Amare Stoudamire would not be traded from the Suns last summer.

Regardless of what happens to Melo, its been great receiving all the Melo trade suggestions from the readers of this blog. I have a super busy day, but tonight I'll try to compile all the scenarios and get a post going for your feedback.

Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountain News' Bernie Lincicome weighs in on the situation as does the Denver Post's Terry Frei. Both columnists make good points as to why the Nuggets shouldn't trade Anthony, and basically agree with my assertion that unless the ideal trade comes along, you don't make it. I especially liked Frei taking a shot at George Karl's inability to coach Melo with anything resembling effort and/or competence.

And maybe, like when AI almost got shopped to the Clippers earlier in his career, Melo will take this a sign to shape up already and come into training camp with renewed enthusiasm and effort. That's a big maybe.