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Quick observations on tonight's game...

I rarely discuss non-Nuggets issues on this blog, but I can't help myself tonight. I just finished watching the Los Angeles Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs in spite of putting up only 89 points, and thought I'd pass along a few off-the-cuff observations to see if any of you picked up on this stuff, too...

-It was fun watching Manu Ginobli and Sasha Vujacic try to "out-flop" each other. My favorite attempted flop in particular was when Vujacic fell to the floor - early in the 3rd quarter I think - grabbed his shoulder, "writhed in pain", drummed up tears in his eyes, refused to get up, and yet the Lakers kept playing on and didn't call a timeout. His own team knew he was flopping. Then, MIRACULOUSLY!, Vujacic was able to get up, play solid defense and he looked remarkably fine for the rest of the game. Vujacic has officially become the boy-who-cries-wolf player in the NBA. You can't believe a word he says. Unfortunately for Sasha, his acting skills rival Jessica Simpson's.

-There always seems to be decent cleavage over Phil Jackson's right shoulder at all Staples Center games.

-The Spurs didn't get a single call in the second half. Not one. The three most egregious were Kobe Bryant's (non-called) travel when Bruce Bowen pulled the chair on him and Bryant fell to the floor with the ball. When did falling-down-with-the-ball-without-dribbling get delisted as traveling? The second example was Duncan's (non-) foul on an offensive rebound attempt with Pau Gasol. Duncan didn't even touch Gasol and yet he was whistled for a push off. And third was Gasol's blatant hack on Duncan at the two-minute mark that the refs conveniently ignored.

Not that I feel that bad for the Spurs, though. They almost whine as much as the Nuggets' players do. Almost.

-Speaking of Gasol and offensive rebounds, did he ever get one?

-If the world came to an end and I actually watched "The Closer" or "The Bill Engvall Show" or "House of Pain," would I see a thousand annoying ads for the NBA on TNT during their shows?

-Kobe should've been credited with 29 points instead of 27, because it was he who tipped in the put-back shot for the Spurs to tie the game at 85.

-And of course, to all the naysayers that thought Chris Paul or Kevin Garnett should have been the MVP, I trust that tonight's second half performance shut you up at last. Say what you want about Kobe the person, but Kobe the player is simply the best in the league.