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The possible Melo trade: Is this really the BEST we can do?...

The rumors are continuing to swirl about a possible Carmelo Anthony/Marcus Camby trade to the New Jersey Nets for Richard Jefferson, Marcus Williams, Keith Van Horn's corpse and what will probably be the 13th pick in this year's NBA Draft.

As I've stated on this blog ad nauseum, while I'm not convinced that parting with Melo is the right thing to do, IF the Nuggets decide to make that move, shouldn't they at least field...I dunno...more than one @#$%& offer?! Are you telling me that the Nets would be the only team with a lottery pick motivated to get Melo?!

Did Bernie Bickerstaff take over as GM again and the Nuggets forgot to tell anyone? To Stanley Kroenke, Mark Warkentien, Bret Bearup and Rex Chapman: if you're reading this, I implore you...please, please, please wait a few weeks for the offers to come in and then take the best one. You see, it's called "leverage"...something the Nuggets haven't used to their advantage in, well, forever.

On a side note: isn't it interesting that Jefferson - the son of Christian missionaries and by all accounts a super nice, religious guy - got himself entangled in a misdemeanor assault case this year and now he's on Warkentien's radar? I guess RJ was just getting ready to fit in with his new Denver teammates.