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Joakim Noah pads his resume...

It takes a lot of hard work to get on Nuggets' "GM" Mark Warkentien's radar. You have to rape your nanny, get caught with a loaded gun, participate in dog fighting, tear a girl's dress at a night club, hang out frequently at strip clubs, and so on. The Chicago Bull's Joakim Noah - whom I've advocated the Nuggets trade aging center Marcus Camby for - isn't quite there yet, but he's giving a yeoman's effort.

In addition to getting caught with possession of marijuana the other day, Noah forgot to put on his seat belt while speeding (if speeding is his thing, he'll fit right in with Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith).

That's all kiddie stuff compared to what Warkentien's Blazers and Nuggets players have been up to over the years, but if Noah keeps it up, he just might find his way onto the Nuggets roster after all.