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Carmelo Anthony. Speed Racer...

I get caught speeding at least once every two years. It sucks. And every time I get caught, I make sure I drive within five miles of the speed limit for the next six months to ensure I don't get caught again and thus risk having my insurance go up dramatically, have extra points taken off my license, be forced into attending traffic school (again) and so on. Therefore, I assume that if I ever got caught on suspicion of driving under the influence, I'd be even more cautious about my driving habits for the next few months. If not for the next few years altogether.

Well, if you're Carmelo Anthony, apparently this isn't the case. According to the Rocky Mountain News, Melo got caught speeding at 4:45 pm on Saturday afternoon (at least it wasn't 4:45 AM).

Why is it that Melo drives aggressively anywhere but on an NBA Playoff basketball court?