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George Karl is coming back (at least, according to George Karl)...

104.3 The Fan's Mike and Sandy ("The Sports Guys") interviewed George Karl this morning. When discussing the unwavering support he gets from Stanley Kroenke and upper management, Karl mentions "laughing" about the "internet stuff in February" (umm...that would be me), and he seems pretty confident that he's coming back. Ugh.

The good news for Nuggets fans is that they can start planning their vacations for May of 2009 before the airfare and hotel prices go up in June. Because trust me, we'll have nothing better to do.

I've had very public differences with Mike and Sandy since my blog launched. While I believe the Nuggets need a coaching change and a personnel change, Mike and Sandy have supported the coach throughout the season and still do. But to Mike and Sandy's credit, they've put me on the air several times to defend my views and have been very responsive to my questions. Agree to disagree, I guess.