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Saturday Afternoon Recap: Let's see what happened in Denver sports this weekend...

Last night, the Rockies found themselves entangled in another NL West marathon when they lost 8-7 to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 13 innings. Hopefully they'll turn things around tonight when Mark Redman (2-1, 5.23 ERA) goes head-to-head with Brad Penny (3-2, 2.67 ERA). It's going to be a balmy night at Dodger Stadium, so Redman should be on his game.

Meanwhile, over in the AFL, the Crush lost 65-52 to the Chicago Rush. The Crush now find themselves 3-5 on the season, and a postseason berth is tenuous at best. But I think we can all expect a victory when Grand Rapids comes to town next weekend.

To make matters worse for Denver fans, earlier today the Avalanche lost 5-1 to the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL Playoffs, and now face a daunting 2-0 deficit in the series to their biggest rival. The Red Wings defense was especially tough today, so the Avalanche will need to step up their offense if they're to win any of the games ahead. I'd also like to see them mix up their line changes to try get Detroit out of sync somewhat.

And while the Avalanche struggled against the Red Wings, the Mammoth saw their hopes for a division title disappear when they lost 11-6 to the San Jose Stealth in the NLL. I really had my fingers crossed for the Mammoth all season, so lets hope they make some savvy off-season acquisitions to improve the team.

Thankfully, the Rapids just got underway in Chicago against the Fire. With both teams having won 4 and lost 2 on the season thus far, this is sure to be a well contested match. I'm guessing it will be a high scoring affair with at least one goal scored, and if we're lucky, two.

Oh, and by the way, the Nuggets @#$%& suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!