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The Rocky Mountain News serves up insightful pre-playoffs coverage [UPDATED]...

The Rocky Mountain News sports department did a great job with their playoff coverage today. Here are some articles worth checking out...

-[UPDATED] Chris Tomasson speaks with George Karl and several Nuggets players about the perplexing regular season that just ended. Karl has the audacity to suggest he should have gotten "overtime pay" for managing certain games, but I'll cut him some slack on that because I know he's joking. What does "overtime pay" come out to on $3 million, George?

-According to Aaron Lopez, apparently George Karl and the Nuggets' brass took my advice about employing a Mike Shanahan-style curfew system on Melo in Los Angeles and went several steps further.

-Tomasson gives us some insight into the Iverson/Anthony relationship. Further proof that camaraderie is not one of the Nuggets problems this year.

-Dave Krieger actually got Karl to admit that some - some - of the Nuggets defensive deficiencies this season were the result of coaching.

-Lopez chronicles Karl's past relationship with J.R. Smith, and where it's at today.