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Multiple sources claim that George Karl's job is secure...REALLY?!...

The Denver Post's Woody Paige is reporting that during the fourth quarter of yesterday's game, Carmelo Anthony yelled what all of us Nuggets fans have been yelling at George Karl this season: "don't just sit there!"

Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountain News' Chris Tomasson is reporting that George Karl's job is safe no matter what happens in the playoffs.

And in his detailed report of the various problems that plague the Nuggets,'s John Hollinger concurs with Tomasson's assertion.

If these reports of Coach Karl's job security are true, then Nuggets owner Stanley Kroenke is being penny wise and pound foolish. I know he doesn't want to pay George Karl $3 million next season and another major league coach like Jeff Van Gundy or Larry Brown the $3-$5 million they'd command. But if each home playoff game is worth several million dollars in revenue to an owner, wouldn't it behoove Kroenke to do whatever it takes to actually advance in the playoffs for once?