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Non-Denver media skewers the Nuggets...

In yet another attempt to get the Nuggets and their coach fired up for Game 4 - since whatever internal motivation techniques they're using don't work - I present a few columns from non-Denver media skewering the Nuggets.

First off, be sure to read the Los Angeles Times' Bill Plaschke's scathing indictment of the Nuggets "performance" in Game 3. In this column, Plaschke calls the Nuggets "disgraceful," the "junior varsity" and a "wretched basketball team." Meanwhile, Plaschke's colleague T.J. Simers says that "the Lakers have officially demolished the Nuggets," and then takes a few extra pot shots at the other Denver teams that imploded yesterday.

The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller calls Denver the "Mile Low City" and questions whether the Nuggets can "even survive themselves."

And my favorite, over at Deadspin, Basketbawful's Matt McHale (no relation to the incompetent GM in Minnesota), has compared the Nuggets to the French army. And as much as I'd like to say "Bon voyage" to Coach Karl, it appears he's not going anywhere. Merde!