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I told you so: LB wants back in!... [UPDATED] has just reported that former Cougars / Nuggets / Bruins / Nets / Jayhawks / Spurs / Clippers / Pacers / Sixers / Knicks head coach Larry Brown desperately wants back in as an NBA head coach. A lot of my critics, both here on the blog and especially on sports radio in Denver, have called me crazy for suggesting that Brown is dying to coach again, even though I had confirmed sources telling me the opposite.

I hate going against my own readers and fans who overwhelmingly voted for Rocky over Brown and others as George Karl's best possible replacement in our coaching candidates poll, but I still think Brown is our best option for all the reasons stated in my candidates column.

As I suggested on Mike and Sandy's show earlier this week, I believe the Nuggets are in a Rick Carlisle/Detroit Pistons scenario: we have a talent-laden team with a decent enough coach who consistently gets us into the playoffs, but we need a great coach to get us to the finals and beyond. In Detroit, General Manager Joe Dumars had the courage to fire Carlisle as head coach (after he was named Coach of the Year!) and replace him with Brown, which resulted in back-to-back NBA Finals appearances and one championship victory. Does the Nuggets GM troika of Mark Warkentien, Rex Chapman and Bret Bearup possess the same courage?

I suggest the Nuggets move fast (i.e. a backroom, under-the-table deal that guarantees Brown as Karl's successor, and Karl gets a front office/consulting job with the team) to secure Brown before the Mavericks, Bulls, Knicks and other teams make a run at him at season's end.

[UPDATED] From yesterday's Star-Ledger. Fascinating insight into Larry Brown's last days in New Jersey from the early 80's. This article details the very good and very, very bad side of LB.