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Bill Simmons for Nuggets GM?...

Say what you want about's Bill Simmons (we all know he's a self-admitted Boston homer and was wrong about his "12 players, 12 cabs" description of the Nuggets in his season-ending Western Conference recap), but he sure comes up with great trade ideas. In his column today, Simmons gives Carmelo Anthony his "Bernard King Award", and in doing so, proposes the Nuggets consider trading Anthony to Memphis this summer for Mike Miller, Hakim Warrick and Mike Conley, Jr. (assuming the Nuggets lose to the Lakers and the Grizzlies' score a top two draft pick).

I'm not suggesting that we trade Carmelo or that, if we did, this would be the ideal trade. But it's this type of thinking I wish we'd see from the Nuggets' brass, because it's becoming apparent that the Anthony/Allen Iverson tandem isn't producing championship-caliber results (how's that for an understatement?).

As readers of this blog know, I like Anthony and love Allen Iverson, but their tandem won't work unless we have a true point guard added into the mix. And if the Nuggets are serious about bringing in a competent point guard not named Andre Miller, we'll likely have to part with Anthony or Iverson to get that player.

If the rumors are true that current Nuggets GM Mark Warkentien is talking to the Knicks (to which I'd channel Henny Youngman and say: "take my Warkentien, please!"), perhaps the Nuggets should consider Simmons as their new GM. I'm assuming I'm out of the running given that I've totally pissed off the entire Nuggets organization this year.

And for those of you don't think Simmons would make a good GM, read his pitch to become the Bucks' GM. Since this blog already started the Larry Brown-for-coach rumors back in February, let's start the Simmons-for-GM rumors now.