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Best comment of the day...

I usually let the comments speak for themselves, but one of this blog's frequent contributors named "Chillz" left a great comment today that pretty much sums up my - and thousands of Nuggets fans' - sentiments about head coach George Karl, and why I launched this blog in the first place...

It’s a shame the Nuggets have placed themselves in this position. They HAVE to win 3 of the last 4 games to make the playoffs, meaning they have to beat either [Utah] or Golden State on their floor to make the playoffs… Of course it is possible for them to win all 4 but the odds are not in their favor with Karl on the bench.

See, I don't hate Karl… If this was the George Karl of the Sonics this team would be at the top of the West… But its not. Instead we have a watered down version of one of the best coaches in the NBA. I don't know if its his lack of interest or his system just doesn't fit the team on either the defensive end or the offensive end!? He never seems to get intense even when speaking to the media making moronic comments like "We said (Utah) had to win 52 or 53 and we made them do that"… No Karl, you didn't make them win… Had you got those two wins against the Bulls and Bucks as well as the two wins against the Kings and Sonics!? your team would have had 51 wins right now and 27 losses, and in contention for the number 4 spot….

The team's [camaraderie] is a given. They have to band together to ward off the blame that’s been unjustly left on their shoulders by the media and their coach who never owns up to their losses. Its sad that he may be back next year.

I caught something in what AI said the other night after the Sonics loss, that was at definite odds with his coach. ((Karl suggested the team might be wearing down under the weight of the playoff race, but Iverson doesn't think that's necessarily the case. "You got to go through the whole team and talk to guys individually," Iverson said. "I don't know how a person can speak for somebody else."))… Interesting comment. AI seems to be like WTF!? LOL

I hope they make the playoffs but if not, that’s fine just please let Karl go. He's just not doing the job. Pick up a great player in the draft… Hire Rick Carlisle or Larry Brown and win a ring next year cause Karl wasted this year… Same roster, different coach would be a wonderful birthday gift for me!