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Nuggets improve to 16-1 against sub-.500 teams (at home)...

I play basketball every Wednesday night, so I had to record last night's game against the lowly, toothless, colluding-with-the-Lakers Memphis Grizzlies, and watch it about two hours after it was over. I figured the Nuggets won, however, because I didn't have any text messages or missed calls from my friends (or maybe it's because I have no friends left since launching this blog).

Whenever the Nuggets play a sub-.500 team and win (as they should), my cell phone is totally silent throughout the game. However, when the Nuggets lose to sub-.500 teams like the Bucks game a few weeks ago (that was the final straw for me to launch this blog), or barely beat sub-.500 teams like the Clippers game at home last week, my phone doesn't stop buzzing.

For those who think a 16-1 record at home against sub-.500 teams is impressive, consider that the teams we're in theory capable of catching for a playoff spot - Utah (14-0), Phoenix (14-2), Dallas (14-1) and Golden State (13-2) - all have terrific records against bad teams at home, too. But at this point, I'll take a silent phone and a Nuggets win any way we can get one!