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Mark Kiszla calls out Karl, Nuggets (again)...

Dear Mark,

I'm a longtime reader and fan, and just want to thank you for finally calling out what a horrific job George Karl has done with this team. He seems to be getting a free pass from everyone else (notably his ex-ESPN colleagues), which is unacceptable.

While certainly any team that takes on new players in mid-season will have an adjustment period, the Nuggets have been beyond an embarrassment. If we miss the playoffs, I’ll look back to those losses to the likes of New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, Portland, New Orleans, Dallas sans Nowitzki, etc.

Thanks for keeping tabs on the Nugs!

All best,


Sound familiar? Above is an email I sent to the Denver Post's Mark Kiszla in reaction to an article he wrote about George February of last year! In addition to his own editorial, Mark printed my email as his lead letter in that Sunday's paper.

Lost in the hullabaloo over Karl's "lawyer" emailing me and the subsequent, overwhelming reaction, I wasn't able to mention Mark's most recent commentary on Karl in his Tuesday column. Mark has been putting the heat on Karl for a while now, and deserves a lot of credit for doing so. Unfortunately for us Nuggets fans, Mark is starting to sound like a broken record.

For anyone who thinks the local press has been soft on Karl, I urge you to give Mark's columns on the subject a read. Let's just hope Karl's "lawyer" doesn't threaten him, too!