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League co-leader in former Nuggets as assistant coaches comes to Pepsi Center tonight...

The Toronto Raptors hold a unique distinction in the NBA this season. They are one of only two teams in the NBA that features two former Nuggets as assistant coaches with Alex English and Mike Evans (not to be confused with radio host Mike Evans who continually refers to me as a "stupid fan," and while not knowing this for a fact, I'm assuming he never had a shot to play in the NBA) aiding Sam Mitchell on the sidelines. So when the Nuggets face off against the Raptors tonight, we'll be seeing some familiar faces.

The other team with two former Nuggets as assistants? The Houston Rockets, with Elston Turner and T.R. Dunn aiding Coach-of-the-Year candidate Rick Adelman. Given the surprising accomplishments Toronto had last year, and the unbelievable success Houston is having this year, perhaps Coach Karl should add former Nuggets Kevin Brooks and Darnell Mee to his staff immediately. I mean, anything could help at this point, right?

On a side note, I'm convinced that the Nuggets lead the NBA in former players as assistant coaches, but I don't have the hard numbers handy. In addition to English, Evans, Turner and Dunn, Kim Hughes is assisting the Los Angeles Clippers, Darrell Walker is assisting the New Orleans Orleans Hornets and Kenny Natt (well, he never actually played for the Nuggets, but he's Calvin's brother, so close enough) is assisting the Sacramento Kings.