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The Nuggets' style of pickup basketball...

One of my biggest complaints about George Karl is on the offensive end of the floor (many site defense, which we'll address at another time). The Nuggets have no offensive identity. We don't run pick-and-roll plays like the Suns or Jazz, we don't play run-and-gun like the Warriors, and we certainly don't run any set plays like the Lakers or Spurs. And yet we have the talent and the athletes to do any of the above.

Rather, it feels like a pickup basketball game, which means a) the players aren't following the plays, or b) there aren't any plays to follow in the first place. Mike Moreau of Hoops World has adeptly documented the Nuggets pickup basketball "style" (among other problems), and I encourage all fans to read it.

Maybe the Nuggets are just gearing up for their outdoor game against the Suns this fall?