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Henry Abbott at ESPN's True Hoop mentioned today! Many thanks to Henry for the shout out, but I wouldn't call myself a "bitter fan" - more disillusioned, frustrated, perturbed, fed up, sick to my stomach, aghast, shocked, appalled, miserable, etc...

In response to Henry suggesting that the 2007-08 Nuggets might be akin to the JailBlazers of yore, I beg to differ. The Nuggets leadership is composed of players who know how to win big games. Carmelo Anthony carried Syracuse to the NCAA Championship virtually by himself, Marcus Camby led UMass to their only Final Four and the Knicks to their last NBA Finals, Allen Iverson led the Sixers to the NBA Finals in 2001 and Kenyon Martin played a key role in the Nets back-to-back NBA Finals' appearances earlier this decade. And let's not forget it was a rookie Carmelo and a rejuvenated Camby who took the Nuggets to their first postseason after a 10 year drought.

I agree with Henry that a little losing and some adversity can pull a team together (my reverse-psychology reason for launching this blog). I'm just worried that the Nuggets have had a little too much losing for a roster loaded with talent that's been relatively healthy all season.

The Nuggets undoubtedly have some big egos on this team, and I'm not suggesting that George Karl's job is easy. That being said, the Nuggets core players are all veterans and I'm confident they want to win, and win now. It's just tough to win when your offense resembles my Saturday morning pick up game!