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Off Day Offerings

Apparently George Karl has realized that a repeat of the same personnel and strategies from game one would be futile, which means there is still hope to extend this series to five games.  It...

2008 Playoffs Game 1: Denver Nuggets 114 - Los Angeles Lakers 128

Box Score Well, that went about as well as could be expected.    From start to finish the Lakers pretty much picked the Nuggets apart with their tremendous passing and for the most part...

2007-2008 Game 78: Denver Nuggets 117 - Los Angeles Clippers 99

Box ScoreThe Nuggets may have started a little slow in LA against the Clippers, but they picked up the pace in the second half and cruised to an easy win.  The short handed Clippers played hard,...

2007-2008 Game 71: Denver Nuggets 120 - Memphis Grizzlies 106

Box ScoreJerry Schemmel, the Nuggets superlative radio announcer and all around amazing person, put something we all have noticed into words on the radio yesterday.  He said something along the...

2007-2008 Game 71: Nuggets/Grizzlies Game Thread

Denver now heads into what was supposed to be the sure thing on this road trip, a date with the Memphis Grizzlies.  However, it is the Nuggets fifth game in seven nights and Memphis knows it.  T...

2007-2008 Game 70: Denver Nuggets 109 - Toronto Raptors 100

Box ScoreThe Nuggets pulled off another road win and I now expect Denver to make the playoffs.  You are probably thinking to yourself that I have lost my mind.  The win in Toronto was really that...

2007-2008 Game 69: Denver Nuggets 125 - New Jersey Nets 114

Box ScoreFrom this point on I am of the opinion that a win is a win.  The Nuggets flat out need wins.  If Denver plays like crap and wins, I am going to be OK with that.  At this point in the...

2007-2008 Game 68: Denver Nuggets 113 - Philadelphia 76ers 115

Box ScoreI have one question.  Did the Nuggets play well enough to win?It was a close game, but did Denver do what they needed to do to earn this victory?It is easy to blame the refs for missing...

2007-2008 Game 67: Denver Nuggets 120 - Detroit Pistons 136

Box ScoreWhy do I let myself get sucked in by this team?  Deep down I know that collectively they do not have what it takes mentally and emotionally.  We have over 60 games of evidence that this...

2007-2008 Game 64: Denver Nuggets 108 - Memphis Grizzlies 86

Box ScoreLet me apologize for not getting a game preview up prior to tonight’s conflagration between the Grizzlies and Nuggets.  We had some massive issues at work that not only absorbed my...

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