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Off Day Offerings

Apparently George Karl has realized that a repeat of the same personnel and strategies from game one would be futile, which means there is still hope to extend this series to five games.  It sounds...

2008 Playoffs Game 1: Denver Nuggets 114 - Los Angeles Lakers 128

Box Score Well, that went about as well as could be expected.    From start to finish the Lakers pretty much picked the Nuggets apart with their tremendous passing and for the most part...

2007-2008 Game 79: Denver Nuggets 114 - Golden State Warriors 105

Box ScoreLike Rosie O’Donnell’s midsection the Nuggets season rolls on for another day.The Nuggets are not in the playoffs yet, but if they cannot make it from here it will be a big disappointment.I...

Video Scouting Report: J.R. Smith

I have always been a fan of J.R. Smith.  I remember praying that he would fall to the Nuggets or that they could trade up and draft him in 2004 when he came out of high school (he was drafted two...

2007-2008 Game 75: Denver Nuggets 126 - Phoenix Suns 120

Box ScoreThis win against Phoenix means if the Nuggets take care of business they will end up with at least 51 wins and will make the playoffs.  What I mean by taking care of business is winning...

2007-2008 Game 74: Denver Nuggets 117 - Phoenix Suns 132

Box ScoreThe Nuggets showed us exactly why they have not defeated a playoff quality western conference team in three months.  After a spectacular first half where Denver did almost everything right...

2007-2008 Game 73: Denver Nuggets 119 - Golden State 112

Box ScoreDoggone it they are doing it to me again.They are trying to make me believe.The Nuggets are for all intents and purposes in a place I did not believe I would see them in this season.  They...

2007-2008 Game 73: Nuggets/Warriors Game Thread

For the second game in a row we brace ourselves for the most important game of the year as Golden State thunders their way into the Pepsi Center.  So far the Nuggets and Warriors have split their...

J.R. Smith Scores Two Points

Just your average routine lay in by J.R. Smith...

2007-2008 Game 71: Denver Nuggets 120 - Memphis Grizzlies 106

Box ScoreJerry Schemmel, the Nuggets superlative radio announcer and all around amazing person, put something we all have noticed into words on the radio yesterday.  He said something along the...

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