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Will Erick Green Stick With The Nuggets?


The Summer League is over for the Nuggets, as Denver dipped out in the first round of the tournament and was an underwhelming 1-4 in the competition. But one reason they were at least competitive...


Kenneth Faried joins Athlete Ally

Denver Nugget with two moms becomes first NBA player to join the group

Denver Nugget Kenneth Faried supports civil unions with his two moms - video


Kenneth Faried with his two moms Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried has two moms. When he was at Morehead State, it was a big reason to...

The hair of Chris 'Birdman' Andersen


It's a road less-traveled that the hair of Denver's Chris "Birdman" Andersen has taken, from shoulder-length to spikey to 4-inch mohawk. But if it wasn't for his hair, few people would be talking...

Quick hits: Nuggets, Penguins, lacrosse, Plax


Denver Nuggets get win in L.A., still wrestling with the Iron Sheik. UConn and South Florida beat a five-hour rain delay with a dance-off. Will straight white guys dance to anything but Soulja...

The Lakers Aren't Denver's Only Opponent


In one of those quirky situations, it appears that Denver is supposed to host game 4 of the Western Conference Finals of the NBA on Monday the 25th.  The only problem is, the venue is already sold...

Quick hits: KKK, Celtics, Safina, Penguins


Celtics win on a last-second shot from Glen 'Big Baby' Davis (right). Yes, you read that right. NBA admits referee mistake that lead to Nuggets win over Mavericks. Do these league announcements...

Quick hits: Dungy/Vick, Howard Mudd


Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd (right) is retiring due to a change in pension plans. Mudd has been a long-time friend of Dave Kopay and Jim got to meet him at the Colts' lone playoff game...

Quick hits: Favre, Nuggets, Saints, 0.50


Brett Favre asked Jets for release twice. Plans to unretire yet again? Denver Nuggets bounce Hornets from the playoffs. Atlanta takes 3-2 lead on Heat. Kansas City pitcher Zach Greinke (right) is...

Fifteen worst basketball uniforms ever


A guy over at FanIQ searched the globe to compile his list of the 15 worst basketball uniforms ever. Not surprisingly, they're almost entirely from the United States. Only two college -- Oregon and...

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