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NBA writer podcast interview - submit your questions!

Visit Colorado Sports Guys.com and find out who we are interviewing tomorrow night and find out how to submit your questions ...

Q Miller

Everything you want to know about quincey miller

Forbes' list of 'The NBA's Most Valuable Teams'

The Denver Nuggets come in at #21 on the list with the following stats: Current value: $316 million 1-year change: 0% Operating income: -$1.2 million

Great Write Up on the Melo Situation (HOOPSWORLD)

Trust me, this is worth the read and although it's background is comprised of "sources," this seems like the best write up of what's going on with Melo. Hoopsworld has been one of the best on covering this whole situation (especially Kennedy, he's become one of my fav writers, but I still miss Travis Heath)

Kleiza Considering Returning to Denver?

When Denver gave Kleiza a qualifying offer we all assumed it was just to keep his rights and restrict him, but with recent injury news to our two PFs could we re-sign LK? Personally I think if he accepts like a 4 years 20 million dollar contract we should keep him. Even if he is not in our plans for the future, its always good to collect assets and he'd be a valuable trading asset at the deadline.

The Unlikely Renaissance of Anthony Carter

A good article at some other blog about how well AC has played in Lawson's absence. It also goes over his path to the NBA and how he's often forgotten...

Lawson out another week, although could return during weekend

According to rotoworld (I don't know how reliable they are), Lawson is declared out another week by the Nuggets, but could return over the weekend if his shoulder is feeling fine.

Patella Injuries in NBA History (and Other Sports)

I know this is about three months old, but it is extremely relevant and a very well-dont piece of work by Norsktroll over at Blazers Edge. If you scroll down 1/3 of the way, it gets to partial patella tears, which is what Kenyon Martin seems to have. This is a serious injury, and player that stands out most to me is Antonio McDyess...

Aspiring Fashion Designer Gets a Boost from Melo

Some kid is making shoes, and Melo's endorsing them.

Melo Feeling That the Nuggets Are Disrespected

If you scroll down to the comments section, you'll see about 100 crazy L@ker-Fan comments.

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