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Salary cap jail coming? I don't think so, but ...

A lot of talk right now about how the Broncos are "all in" this year, and may be mortgaging their future. I just don't buy it. They have managed their cap space and drafted well for a smooth...

How would you grade the 2013 Broncos?


Take the survey.

What Does the Broncos DE Roster Look Like in 2014?


2013 Roster and 2014 Status: Here is a quick look at the Broncos roster from 2013 and what their future holds for the 2014 season. I didn't include Malik Jackson in this list since he spent more...

In case you don't have enough reason to want the 'Hawks to be champs


Great feature from 2007 called "23 Reasons Why a Profile of Pete Carroll Does Not Appear in This Space," published in LA Magazine. Despite its title, it is essentially a profile piece, though unconventionally structured. At the time, Carroll was the Head Coach at USC. A fun (albeit lengthy) read for anyone looking for a good read.

Horse Tracks: Sunday Matchups Best Ever?


I think these two games on Sunday is the single greatest day of football we'll see for a long time. Both conference matchups have more intrigue and drama than any prime time reality television...

Horse Tracks: Broncos Most Likeable Team


Take this at face value ... or be like me and take it as holy writ!

Horse Tracks: Manning vs. Brady


Before Peyton Manning became a Bronco, we sat envious of this rivalry. Now, we're living it and loving it. Peyton Manning and the Broncos must seize the moment.

Horse Tracks: Not Chris Harris Too!


Losing Chris Harris is a major blow given how bleak things are in the defensive backfield for the Broncos, but the next man up. Again.

Horse Tracks: Today's Winner To Face Patriots


Another year in the NFL, and another year that Tom Brady and the Patriots are a game away from the Super Bowl. If the Broncos win, they play in Denver. If the Chargers do, they go to New England.

Horse Tracks: We're Ready For This Weekend


Man, the NFL Network is sooooo annoying this week. Chargers are second coming of the 1980's 49ers or something. Let tomorrow get here already!

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