Denver Nuggets: News and Opinion

Will Kenneth Faried make it to Spain?


Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried has a great shot to make Team USA's 12-man roster when the Basketball World Cup begins next weekend.

The Qualifying Offer gambit


The NBA is closely watching two players mull over signing one year offer sheets in order to achieve unrestricted free agency. If they proceed, how big is the gamble?

Can JaVale be serious this season?


Can the Nuggets enigmatic and physically gifted center bridge the gap between potential to something more tangible this year? It will depend on how serious he is.

Cavaliers made run at Mozzy?


Did the Cavaliers really try to acquire Timofey Mozgov?

Former Nugget Marciulionis makes it to Springfield


Sarunas Marciulionis appeared in just 17 forgettable games in a Denver Nuggets uniform. His entire basketball career, however, was anything but forgettable.

Nuggets' Faried Team USA Finalist


The Nuggets may have a member of the squad representing them at the basketball World Cup.

Collins, Sam and why it all matters

How two openly gay athletes can point the way for so many more to come, and how taking control of your identity is essential for every gay athlete.

Adidas re-releases Mutombo kicks


What do you think of these new/old kicks?

Nurkic will rest knee, sit out Eurobasket QR


The Nuggets could use an injury free season, but we all know basketball is a fickle beast. Jusuf Nurkic will not play for his National Team this summer to rest an ailing knee.

No championship tabs here


The NBA recently announced the stupid decision to add a gold tab on the collar of jerseys worn by franchises that have won at least one NBA Championship. Alas, our Denver Nuggets aren't one of them.


Who are the odd men out on the Nuggets roster?


With draftees Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris joining an already crowded Denver Nuggets roster, head coach Brian Shaw is going to have a tough time allocating minutes to all his players next season.

Recap: Nuggets drop third straight, Quincy hurt


The Nuggets lost their third straight contest and have just one game left in Las Vegas.

36 years and I still have hope


How one writer's birthday has reminded one of how optimistic and hopeful they are about his favorite basketball team.

Recap: Harris scores 18, Nuggets drop to 1-2


It wasn't a pretty one for the Nuggets in their third showing in Las Vegas.

Will he be ready?


It feels like an eternity since we've last seen Danilo Gallinari on an NBA court. What would a healthy - or unhealthy - return mean for the Denver Nuggets?

Manimal invited to 2014 USA training camp


The Manimal will be one of 19 players competing for a spot on the 2014 USA's Men's National Team.

How recent NBA transactions affect the Nuggets

The flurry of free agent activity and trades throughout the NBA this past week will affect our Denver Nuggets in a myriad of ways, near and long term.

Breaking down the Nuggets Summer League Roster


With the NBA's Las Vegas Sumer League just a few days away, the Denver Nuggets have announced their summer roster. Here's a look at who'll be representing the powder blue and gold in Vegas.

Fournier appreciation thread


This post is a little overdue, but let's show some love to the kid that loved Denver.

The Denver Nuggets international gamble


In a 30-team league dominated by just a handful of franchises, the small market Denver Nuggets are forced to look far and wide to remain competitive in the NBA's modern era.

Of Picks, Europe and expectations


The reaction to the Nuggets two picks in the first round of the NBA draft were both predictable and a bit disappointing. Maybe we should wait before we judge?

A (brief) history of the 11th overall pick


Should the Denver Nuggets choose to keep their 11th overall pick and draft their newest roster member, history indicates that they have a good shot at bringing an impact player on board.

To draft, to trade, to stash?

What will the Nuggets do on draft night? Will they take a risk and draft a player with a lottery pick that they know wont play here for two seasons?

Does anyone know what Nugs will do Draft Night?


If someone has a clue about the direction the Nuggets will take on draft night, I'm all ears. Right now there are so many options ...

What the Nuggets can learn from the Spurs


As a Denver Nuggets fan, it's hard to root for the San Antonio Spurs. And yet if you truly care about basketball, the 2014 NBA Finals were a sight to behold.


Robinson makes the cut, Chandler does not

You could make a lot of tattoo lists about NBA players and one thing is for sure ... a lot of current and ex-Nuggets are in these conversations.

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