Stiff List by Andrew

  1. Nuggets at home: How is it possible that a Nuggets team with this much talent can be 7-5 at home?! Things have gotten so bad that fans are clamoring for J.R. Smith to return.
  2. Carmelo Anthony: Kobe Bryant plays through any and all ailments. Melo uses any and ailments as an excuse not to play.
  3. Kevin Love: Just when the T'Wolves are looking better, Love stomps on Luis Scola and lands himself a two-game suspension.
  4. Charlotte Bobcats: The 'Cats have lost 11 straight and are now 3-21 ... in the Eastern Conference! This is what happens when you let an underwear salesman with a Hitler mustache run your team.
  5. Mike Brown: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (Google it!) got himself a one-game suspension for making contact with a referee.

Stiff List for 1-30-12 by Jeff Morton

  1. The Orlando Magic: After starting the season so well with the Dwight Howard trade drama (10-3) - the Magic have fallen apart (2-5 since) with embarrassing losses to the Celtics (twice), Hornets, and Pacers. Trade Dwight already!
  2. Chauncey Billups' flop vs. Nuggets: In the waning seconds of Sunday's game against the Clippers, Chauncey pulled off an acting performance so good it deserved an Academy Award. If he was still a Nugget we would love it, but he's not. STIFF!
  3. Jimmer Fredette: Dude, if you are going to take the game-winning shot, at least draw some iron:
  4. George Karl's 4th Quarter against the Clippers: Getting out coached by Vinny Del Negro should be a nice wake-up call. Going away from Gallo. Leaving Al Harrington in. Using Rudy Fernandez at point guard. And going ultra small contributed to the Nuggets loss.
  5. Jeff Morton: For saying that the Nuggets would skimp on payroll and go cheap like the Avalanche. Clearly I was wrong and deserve to be on this Stiff List. I can only hope that the gods of basketball forgive me.

Stiff List: 1-23-11 by Nate Timmons

  1. Those that missed SNO #5 - If you were in Denver and didn't attend Stiffs Night Out, YOU missed out on a great time, better game, and the chance to have won incredible tickets to the upcoming Raptors game!
  2. Carmelo Anthony - Stays at No. 2 because up until the 2:19 mark of the 4th quarter against the Nuggets, the Melo man was just 3-17 shooting! While he was great late (went 8-18 from the 2:19 mark until the end of the game)... it was his poor early play that helped sink the Knicks.
  3. Billy Cundiff - He missed a chip shot field goal (32 yards) that would have sent his Ravens into overtime against the Patriots, the kick sailed wide left and the Ravens lost. Maybe Cundiff needs to borrow some of Matt Prater's tattoos?
  4. GMs that passed on Iman Shumpert - A total of 16 teams passed on Shumpert in the 2011 NBA draft. As a rookie, he's averaging 12.3 ppg and went for 18 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds against the Nuggets. Who says rookies can't contribute?
  5. Kobe Bryant - Sure he was 14-30 shooting against the Pacers on Jan. 22nd, but he missed a three to tie it up with time winding down and the Lakers are now on a three-game losing streak. Without Kobe's 33 points, the Lakers would have been crushed ... but he missed a key shot and we haven't had a Laker on here for what seems like forever. Take that Kobe!

Stiff List by Andrew: 01-15-12

  1. Lamar Odom: I guess paying Mr. Kardashian nearly $9 million per year isn't enough to motivate him beyond 6.8 ppg on 31% shooting. Now we see why Odom threatened to sit out the entire 2011-12 season.
  2. Carmelo Anthony: His Knicks look awful and he looks awful, chucking away to a near career low in field goal percentage.
  3. Washington Wizards: 1-11. Enough said.
  4. J.R. Smith: First he fakes an injury, next his sister gets into a fight in the stands. How's that whole China thing working out, J.R.?
  5. Chris Broussard: Which NBA analyst is a worse speller? Broussard or Shaq?

Stiff List by Nate: 1-10-12

  1. Arron Afflalo: Fat new contract and less production. Not what Nuggets Nation expected - shooting 23% from the outside, 44% from the field, and 78% at the line ... all down from last season. AAA of last year, where have you gone?
  2. Nuggets 3-pt%: Stays on the list this week because as a team the Nuggets are shooting 28.8% from deep, but still taking 19.8 treys a game!
  3. George Karl's rotations: Mozgov averages 16 minutes per game, Birdman 11.6 mpg, taking out Koufos' three starts he averages 5.4 mpg, and Faried has only two game appearances. Meanwhile: Lawson, Afflalo, Miller, and Fernandez all average above 24 mpg. Would be nice to see the Nuggets take advantage of their roster.
  4. The Nuggets Defense: Denver has given up 24+ points in nine of the last 12 quarters of action.
  5. Gallinari & Harrington's rebounding last week: Karl is playing them heavy minutes at PF & C, yet over the last four games Gallo is averaging just 4.2 rebounds per game and Big Al just 3.5 rpg. That wont work.

Stiff List 1-3-12 by Fly Agaric

  1. David Stern: Vetoing trades, being generally meddlesome and presiding over the league during an ugly, protracted lockout that, apparently, didn't solve anything: Players still have a ton of leverage to collude and go where they want and owners are still overpaying. Stern's time is up. He needs to go.
  2. DeMarcus Cousins: It is real tempting to covet Cousins as a pro basketball player. He's 6'11" and 275 lbs. of muscle and explosiveness and looks like he has a long and productive NBA career ahead of him. Yet, teammates and coaches from Kentucky to Sacramento call him coddled and a bully, and the reports of his meltdowns and confrontations do little to dispel those whispers.
  3. NBA schedule makers: 2012 is looking ugly. Who wants to see a team play a third night in a row? Who wants to see bricks heaved up on the tired legs of normally steady shooters? No one. There was no need to pack 66 games into such a compressed schedule, except to get more home games for the owners so they can make that concession revenue.
  4. Tim Tebow / The Denver Broncos: Now, I won't capture in a few sentences the nuanced, media microscope/pressure cooker that Tebow found himself in after that crazy, statistically improbable mid-season run. Suffice to say, Tim, and the rest of the Broncos, got into the playoffs in such an ugly manner that Denver sports fans are probably, like me, not excited at all about facing the 12-4 Steelers.
  5. The Denver Nuggets from downtown: When you have Danilo Gallinari, Arron Afflalo and Ty Lawson all as notable and solid — if not spectacular — perimeter players and have the best passing big man, in Nene, to work the in-and-out game, you are not supposed to be this terrible from deep (25.6%). Bench player Rudy Fernandez was supposed to be a spark off the bench. Instead he's been dropping bricks.

The STIFF LIST 12/3/11

  1. J.R., K-MART AND WILSON CHANDLER: How are those one-year locked-in-China contracts looking now?
  2. SMALL MARKET TEAMS: The Chris Paul and Dwight Howard rumors have already begun in earnest.
  3. THE CELTICS: Hell bent on "Cutler-ing" Rajon Rondo by letting any and all trade rumors for the championship guard spill into the press.
  4. NENE: I wouldn't mind getting "disrespected" in the form of a $50-million contract offer.
  5. 85% RULE: Should Nene not re-sign with Denver, our Nuggets will have to come up with 85% of the salary cap to pay ... who?!

The Stiff List 10-27-11

  1. J.R., K-MART AND ILL WILL: Should the NBA lockout get resolved as many are suddenly believing, these three "ex"-Nuggets will soon regret impatiently jumping to China.
  2. ALLEN IVERSON: Having successfully burned all bridges in the NBA, the 36 year old Iverson is talking comeback.
  3. AL HARRINGTON: Just when I was hearing rumors that "Big Al" was getting into great shape this offseason...
  4. LARRY HUGHES: Speaking of comebacks, this one would be worse than Penny Hardaway's.
  5. NBA OWNERS: Allegedly obsessed with "competitive balance" and yet they haven't resolved their own shoddy revenue-sharing system yet.

The Stiff List 10-20-11

  1. DAVID STERN: He has been #1 since August! What a tremendously awful run by the Commish. With labor meetings needing a mediator, Stern excuses himself with the flu ... he can afford a sick day? The season might be a lost cause.
  2. DOUG ROBINSON, DESERET NEWS: The columnist out of Utah calls Amar'e Stoudemire's brain, "tiny, previously unused..." Wow. One of the worst "articles" I've ever read ...
  3. BRYANT GUMBLE & BILL SIMMONS: At some point, race was going to rear its ugly head in the Lockout talk. Gumble refers to Stern as a "plantation overseer" and Simmons says NBA players (who are predominately African American) have, "limited intellectual capital." As Tom Jackson might say in a forced ESPN segment, C'mon Men!
  4. SUSPENDED LSU FOOTBALL PLAYERS: The talented trio of players: Tyrann Mathieu, Tharold Simon, and Spencer Ware all face suspensions this weekend for testing positive for synthetic marijuana. At least get your medical marijuana cards and smoke the real stuff fellas!
  5. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: MLB officials rejected the Rangers request to let Dirk Nowitzki throw out the first pitch to Game 3 of the World Series, Oct. 22nd. But after taking a beating in the press, the officials changed their mind and will let the World Champ toss out the first pitch ... now let's just hope he does better than he did back in June!
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