Grantland article

Nice piece by Zach Lowe on the Nuggets with some analysis on the Nuggets big men and a few comments by Connely. Someon posted it already in the comments section but i suppose not everyone had the chance to take notice.

The Diverging Paths of the two Anthonys

Randolph is really in a tough spot and I thought Josh really shouldn't have signed Hickson so we can get to see Randolph play heavy minutes as a PF and sometimes at C, but only few at the SF position.

Breaking Bad o/t

Because today is an important Nuggets' day, I thought we (meaning me) shouldn't hijack the media day threads with talk of Breaking Bad finale. So I posted a fanshot. The Ozy episode was more "Wow!" but this series finale was fully satisfying to me. They even got Badger and Skinny Pete in there in a plot twist that was genius (getting drug money to Walt's family). So, I'll keep this tab open on my browser to jump in and talk BB with anyone.

How To Look Like A Basketball Fan!

If you've ever needed an easy guide to fandom this wiki-how is for you!

Ujiri gets seat on powerful competition committee

SAN ANTONIO—Masai Ujiri got a bonus new job out of his most recent move. The Raptors general manager also became a member of the NBA’s competition committee when he took on his role in Toronto and is to attend his first meeting of the powerful policy setting group here Wednesday. Ujiri replaces Bryan Colangelo on the 10-member board that comprises general managers, coaches, players and owners. There are two pressing issues the committee will have to deal with: stricter rules and fines against flopping and revisions to the in-game replay policy.

Ujiri Mentions Africa As A Big Reason He Took Raptors Offer

From today's presser in Toronto ----------------- Q: Masai, do you feel pressure representing Africa? A: I do feel pressure there. For a continent that big and that great, I have no other choice but to be successful...For me, financially, that really helps me in Africa, because I can go and do more. I can go and help more people. We can build more courts. We can do more camps. We can help more kids come to school in the States, and I can continue to help with the NBA and the platform they've created for basketball without borders. ------------ Not suprising

Cracking the Code: On JaVale McGee and the perils of potential in the misunderstood

"He plays extremely well on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays while excelling on either zero or two days rest. Anything greater than three days rest proves fatal." "...The point I’m trying to make is that his performance starts improving once structure is forced upon him."

From Stoked to Broke: Why Are So Many Professional Athletes Going Bankrupt?

Interesting, colorfully illustrated article discussing highly paid athlete's financial woes once they are finished competing.

Balkman maintains classy image

Former Nugget yelled "Gimme back my chillum!" as he strangled teammate.

Kiszla's sarcastic, ugly piece on George Karl

I know most Stiffs don't read this strangely caustic columnist, but when he is this rude right after a nice Nuggets road win I feel it is OK to call him out. Humph!

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