Denver Nuggets: NBA Draft

Where will the Nuggets pick on draft night?

Now that the season is over, for the Nuggets, we pretty much know where the team will draft ... unless lady luck makes an appearance.

Clearing up the Knicks/Nuggets first round pick

A question I get asked a lot needs some clarification.

Nuggets add Howell, Harris, Galloway

The Nuggets have added three undrafted free agents to their team.

Connelly puts big stamp on team

New Nuggets GM Tim Connelly wasted little time in shaking up the Nuggets roster on June 27th during the NBA draft.

46th pick: Erick Green is your newest Nugget

The Nuggets have made one pick - Erick Green out of Virginia Tech.

2013 NBA Draft Live Thread

Come talk picks here, but don't spoil the picks. We don't want to know until David Stern announces it!

NBA Draft 2013: Open Thread

It's draft day! Having put the pieces of a disassembled front office back together quickly, Josh Kroenke, Brian Shaw and Tim Connelly are on the clock to decide where they go with the 27th overall pick. The NBA Draft begins tonight at 5:00pm MST.

Thinking about the NBA draft

We're shooting the breeze about the NBA draft with Stiffs reader Agaliarept. Come check out the prospects we delved into.

Julius Hodge, other first round Nuggets picks

Let's take a trip down Nuggets first-round pick memory lane.

Podcast: NBA draft edition

All things needed to make your draft experience even better on June 27th. Special insiders from Fear the Sword and At the Hive join us to discuss all things draft related.


Getting to know Erick Green

He led the nation in scoring with Virginia Tech, but will Green be available to the Nuggets on June 27th?

Nuggets continue pre-draft workouts June 19th

The Nuggets continue their search for the right prospect to select with the 27th pick on June 27th.

A look at Connelly's draft history

Let's try to get a beat on where the Nuggets new Vice President of Basketball Operations has been when it comes to the NBA draft.

Getting to know Ray McCallum

The Nuggets brought in three combo guards to work out today. Ray McCallum played for his dad at Detroit and has been impressing teams since declaring for the draft.

Getting to know C.J. Harris

One of the most productive players in Wake Forest history is trying to impress the Nuggets coaches and front office guys.

Getting to know Mike Muscala

A big man with a flair for the offensive side of the court has been shooting up the draft boards.

Getting to know Ricky Ledo

Continuing with out predraft workout interviews, I caught up with an interesting prospect that didn't get to show what he had while at college.

Getting to know Reggie Bullock

The Nuggets held their first predraft camp workout today at the Pepsi Center. There were 12 players there in all and instead of making these guys recite the same old lines - let's try to get to know a bit more about them.

Has the lottery been bad for the Nuggets?

The Nuggets have had nine lottery picks since its inception in 1985 - how have they turned out?

Bullock, Muscala headline Nuggets Monday workout

Some exciting names among the Nuggets first predraft workout.

Smith, Colton Iverson to workout for Nuggets

The Nuggets predraft workouts will be starting up next week and two former CSU players will be in to show the Nuggets what they can do.

McCollum on Nuggets radar, Lawson, Broner team up

Some rumors are starting to swirl about the NBA draft and the conference finals are almost set.

Can the Nuggets win the Las Vegas crown?

With the majority of NBA teams playing in the Las Vegas Summer League, it will be nice to see them playing for a little something.

Sit back, relax and let's talk 27th pick

With the Nuggets holding the 27th pick in this year's draft, we need to look back and see what has been going on with that pick.

What will the Nuggets do at 27?

The Nuggets own just one selection, so far, in the June 27th NBA draft. What will they do with their first round pick?


Lottery prospect: Anthony Bennett

Draft Express does a great job breaking down video on future NBA prospects. Here is a look at UNLV's Anthony Bennett. It's never too early to get to know your future NBA talent.

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