Denver Nuggets: Extras

CSG #167: Who stays and who goes for the Nuggets

Time for a season post-mortem. For the first time in 11 years the Nugget are missing the playoffs. Didn't see that one coming. Join Jeff and Nate as well as Andrew Feinstein as we break down what went wrong.

Krieger and Karl sit down for lunch

A must read interview with the former coach of the Denver Nuggets, George Karl

CSG #166: Ross takes leave to pursue ownership

On this weeks CSG we talk lots and lots of Nuggets, headlines and Ross announces he will be taking 6 week paternity leave ... but we all know he's just looking to buy a team.

NCAA Open Thread: Kentucky vs. UCONN

In case you forgot, we have a tournament challenge on our hands!

Open Thread: NCAA, NBA and bad articles

Place your thoughts on todays NCAA games below. Also be sure and check out the poorly written/reason article posted below.

Open thread: NCAA Tournament day 3

Place your thoughts on the NCAA tournament right here. Will (insert team name here) beat (insert team name here)? Will there be a colossal upset that reverberates through history like Thor's mighty...

NCAA Tournament open thread

Place your thoughts on the Tourney right here

CSG#163: Nugs need more David Wooderson

CSG is back in the palatial studios. We talk 1994 Nuggets and lots, and LOTS of 1990's NBA basketball. ENJOY!


Video: Nuggets are a Mile High

Watch a video, released by the Nuggets, that celebrates who the Nuggets are and who they were.

CSG #162: Matt Moore talks Nugs, future and tweets

Matt Moore from and Hardwood Paroxysm joins Nate and Jeff to talk all manner of all things Nuggets.


Stiffs Night Out with Tim Connelly - March 22nd

For our next Stiffs Night Out, Denver Nuggets GM Tim Connelly will join us to watch the NCAA tournament on Saturday, March 22nd at Jake's Food & Spirits.

CSG #160: Les, Sandy and a whole lotta Nuggets

Les Shapiro and Sandy Clough join the Colorado Sports Guys to talk Rockies and Nuggets.

Open thread: Nuggets NBA draft prospects

Talk until your heart is content about the NBA draft right here!

Open thread: NBA All Star Game

Place your thoughts on tonight's NBA All Star Game from New Orleans. Our very own Nate Timmons is the man on the scene, and if you want the latest on the low down follow him on twitter at @...

How to deal with a disappointing season

Going to have to remind people to be respectful. This has been a disappointing season for all, lets not make it worse than it is.

Open thread: NBA Rising Stars game

Place your thoughts here

New Orleans Bound

The Nuggets have finished up their four game road trip before the All Star break, things didn't go so well on the trip.

CSG #159: NBA Slam dunk trivia and Mt. Rushmore

Yes, we discussed LeBron and his blithering about being on the Mt. Rushmore of the NBA. Also we spend alot of time talking about Michael Sam. Enjoy!

Stein: Knicks are still pining away for Faried

Oh boy. Here the Knicks come again. They want Kenneth Faried pretty badly it seems...but are the Nuggets listening?

A tribute to my Uncle Jim

Sometimes on Denver Stiffs we go a bit off topic. This is after all our blog and we get personal here from time-to-time.

CSG #158 - The Broncos turn to sitcoms to heal

Yeah...we talked about the Broncos debacle at the Super Bowl on Sunday. We also talk Nuggets, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the Olympics. We also to a ton of movie talk.

Super Bowl open thread: Broncos time!

Who is going to win? The Broncos of course! Place your thoughts on the Super Bowl right here!


We have got your Super Bowl coverage down pat this week on CSG. We also listen to a fan made Broncos song and talk LaLa and the Horse.

LaLa: Finally admitting to not liking Denver

LaLa Anthony doesn't like Denver? SHOCKED! Next you will tell me that Melo likes to shoot the ball alot.


Time for Nuggets to start over

A look at what one fan thinks the Denver Nuggets should do with the rest of the 2013-14 season.


The Nuggets say, you can play too!

In a great moment for the NBA, the Denver Nuggets become the first NBA team to submit a You Can Play video, supporting equal rights in sports for all.

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