All it takes is one…

One person, one voice, one ideal of righteous integrity can bring together people, to deliver a message and belief of good; to do the right thing.

One person, one voice can also corrupt an entity, delivering a foul and wrong message; bringing out the worst in people they may have long held hidden.

If the announcement by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver today 2pm ET was production directed by the late Frank Capra, there would be a dramatic flourish just before Comm. Silver’s announcement.

A brave, bold declaration of integrity and strength; a player in the NBA who does not play for the Clippers, announces he will never set foot in Staples Center to face the Los Angeles Clippers as long as Donald Sterling and the Sterling family own the Clippers.

The brave player would also call out to his fellow members of the league, playing for the Clippers or not, and invite all others to join him. With such a dedicated commitment, the act of simply suspending or fining the owner would not, could not be sufficient. The owner would have to leave or else the franchise shrivels up and dies.

This player would have to be of unquestioned strength and integrity; for by doing the right thing he will cost himself money, in expected fines for not playing in anywhere from one to seven games in a single season, and potential harm to his own team and team mates.

In an ideal dramatic setting, the player to step up and make such a declaration would be, should be LeBron James; however, LeBron making such a statement now, no matter how real and sincere the intent would come across as hollow. For LeBron, and anyone in the Eastern Conference, would not really be at any risk of impact unless somehow the Clippers made it to the NBA Finals. No, this player would have to be from the West, with a direct vested risk in making such a stand.

Such a player would have to come from the Golden State Warriors.

It’s a Wonderful League; NBA Player Goes to Washington; yes, that would meet and satisfy the ideals in the messages from Mr. Capra’s movies.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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