NBA Power Play

Yoyo Stiffs!

It's bee a quick minute since I hit you guys up. I've been in Scottsdale for Rockies spring training (check that out here is you are interested in my conversations with some of the most exciting prospects in all of baseball and the future of the Rockies).

My trip ended with the Stiffs Night Out and it was amazing and awesome and super-cool to meet some of you and talk a little hoops.

But, of course, I am here to cross-promote some writing I did over at Baller Mind Frame. For the most part I will stick to only sharing stuff that is specifically Nuggets related, but because today's piece is about the entire NBA (and no one specific team) I thought some of you fine lovely Nuggeteers might enjoy it a little.

I've been stealing Bill Simmons' idea (or Kevin Wildes') called "Half-baked Ideas" for a segment I call "Purple Hazed Ideas". I present half-formed, absurd thoughts that are at least interesting enough to share (I hope) and mostly silly but could provide for some fun sports debate/banter.

I call the basketball version of this "Dope Thoughts" and it made it's debut today with the NBA Power Play; which is exactly what it sounds like. Feel free to flame me for being silly.

The NBA Power Play

The concept is that some type of infraction would require one team to play a man down (4-on-5) for a period of time. Without having tested it pragmatically, the two-minute hockey time frame feels a little long, but might work just as well as one minute or even a minute and a half.

Depending on how we implement the rule, the player that must be taken off could either be the one who committed the infraction or the team could choose.

So, let's say the goal of this rule is to avoid having marquee players foul out while still cracking down on the special treatment they often get. In this case, let's take our Carmelo Anthony example and say that instead of him automatically having to sit after picking up his sixth foul, the team could choose to expunge one of those fouls in favor of allowing the other team a momentary power play.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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