OFFSEASON 2014: What I'd Like To See The Nuggets Do.



The 2013-2014 NBA season is coming to a close, and for the first time in a long time Nuggets fans have only the offseason to look forward to. This post is about what I would do if I managed the Nuggs, it is not necessarily realistic as far as the specific players I want to see us draft, but I believe the general direction is sound and could work with guys other than the ones I want.

The first order of business is the draft, and this is where this post is really concentrating. I would like to see us get a chance at picking Aaron Gordon from the University of Arizona in the draft, mostly because I think he has the highest upside of players that may possibly be available to the Nuggets since they are very unlikely to get a top 5 maybe even top 10 pick. Plus he seems to have an appropriate mentality to realize his potential. His biggest knock is his poor FT shooting and his shooting stroke in general. However, he is one of the youngest guys in the draft and I absolutely love his athleticism which is elite, and his intangibles which point to him having a great skill set in his passing and defensive instincts, but also the fact that the guy hustles. Whether you like Gordon or not, this draft seems to be pretty deep at the SF spot which tells me if we can find a SF here that is better than Quincy Miller, which Gordon definitely seems to be, than we should take him and dump Q.

Aaron Gordon 2014 Scouting Video (via DraftExpress)

The next player I'd like to see us target is Spencer Dinwiddie from the Colorado Buffaloes. Dinwiddie isn't a PG in my estimation, he's a SG, that and the Center position are probably the weakest in the NBA right now. I like Dinwiddie because of value, he's undoubtedly a risk considering he's coming off an ACL injury that cut short his Junior season at CU, but if the Nuggets could land him in the early second to late first round it may pay some nice dividends down the road. Either way you look at it, I think the opportunity to find an upgrade at the SG, especially a good 3 and D guy like Dinwiddie, may be worth trading up into the late first round for.

Spencer Dinwiddie Preseason Scouting Report (via DraftExpress)

I've gone over the draft, but the additions may not have to stop there. If we bring over our last year's selection in Joffrey Lauvergne, who the Nuggets drafted with the 55th pick in the draft that came over in the Kosta Koufos/Darrell Arthur trade, then we can add front court depth as well. There's a good deal of optimism about Lauvergne, from what he's been doing in the Euro League's Partizan Belgrade in Serbia.

Joffrey Lauvergne '91 - KK Partizan (via Jorge Lorenzo)

Now that I've gone over possible additions, it's time to go over the subtractions. After how well Aaron Brooks has played lately, (see his 27 point 17 assist performance in the Nuggets victory over the Pistons a few days ago) I might be willing to re-sign him if he's willing to split time with Nate Robinson, who's recovering from ACL repair surgery. However if we did this we may have to trade the rights to Erick Green our selection with the 46th pick in last year's NBA draft. Not only would we need to make a decision about Green, but also try to trade Anthony Randolph and Quincy Miller or release them.

I'd like to see the team as I have tried to foresee it here, this is what the roster would look like, not bad if you ask me.

  1. Lawson/Robinson/Brooks
  2. Foye/Fournier/Dinwiddie
  3. Chandler/Gallinari/Gordon
  4. Faried/Hickson/Arthur/Lauvergne
  5. McGee/Mozgov

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