2014 NBA Draft: Draft Targets

As the NBA season nears its conclusion, our draft slot is slowly becoming clearer and clearer. As it stands now we would have the 10th pick and a 6.5% chance of landing a top 3 pick. So instead of salivating over players like Wiggins and Parker, I'll take a more realistic approach and name some targets that may not be as well known.

What are our Needs?

Well we don't have a a draft the "best player available" would probably be the best approach for our squad. but besides that we do have a glaring hole to fill at sg, and desperately need pf/c with the ability to score in the low post.

Gary Harris SG Michigan State

How could a 6'4 sg possibly be the answer for us......well he may be undersized but he brings in exactly what Denver needs. He can shoot the ball and is a solid defender who is good at getting in the passing lanes. Has a 6'7 wingspan and is great in transition. He is not super athletic but he has a quick first step.

Rodney Hood SF/SG Duke

Rodney Hood reminds me a bit of Wilson Chandler, which is a good or bad thing depending on who you ask here. Hood is athletic, has good size, solid defender, and can shoot the ball at a nice clip. He is shooting 42% from the 3 and is showing good form and consistency in each game. I've seen quite a bit of Hood and while he can indeed shoot, his first step is rather slow. He consistently ends up using his body and strength to finish in the paint. He surprisingly does finish well but I'm a little worried that he won't be able to use that to his advantage against NBA SFs. Which is why using him at SG could benefit his game. At 6'8 he has a size advantage over most sgs in the NBA. But does he have the defense to keep up with the quick smaller guards. From what I have seen.....I would say yes he does.

Tyler Ennis PG Syracuse

Why draft a pg when you already have Ty Lawson? Well Ty lawson is also the most valuable asset on this team and we don't exactly know the direction of the team. As long as Lawson is on this roster, then our identity is to run. Bringing in Ennis would change the dynamic of the team. I personally believe in Ennis. Call me crazy but he reminds me a bit of CP3. He can change his speeds and is a leader and a floor general. He is only a freshman and will continue to improve. Good passer with good size, he has the tools to but a good pg at the next level.

More to Come soon.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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